About Us

Dr. Don Foit was born and raised in WNY. He graduated with high honors from Canisius College with a Biology/Pre-Med degree and a minor in Anthropology as a Division I athlete.

After completing his undergraduate degree he attended New York Chiropractic College and graduated again with high honors. While there he was involved in a number of programs including Chiropractic and Elite Sports Performance at the Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid, NY.

Dr. Don has been taking care of people with chiropractic care for over 9 years. He has been in private practice home in WNY since 2006, taking care of people ranging from stay at home moms and weekend warriors to college and professional athletes, and from newborn babies to people in their 90’s.

“I am lucky in that one of my passions is my profession. I love helping others feel better and live better. I am grateful to see the amazing potential we all possess, and to see it better expressed through Chiropractic care. I invite you in to our office and experience the difference of our approach.” -Dr. Don

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